• Which city is best for eating out?

    I love living in Berlin, but I've really been missing the amazing variety of good food in #London. Whether it's Lebanese on Edgware Road or French bistros in Mayfair, the sheer diversity of people in London means you can always find the best cooking the world has to offer. You can't beat a classic British pie and mash either :D

    Is there anywhere better, like New York perhaps?
  • Our trip to the National Gallery in London

    We're on a city break to #London at the moment and we just got back from the National Gallery. Check out our photos from Trafalgar Square!

  • Saving an Endangered British Species: The Pub


    Interesting piece in the NYT about the demise of the traditional English pub. I think there's more to it than gentrification though. The problem affects all British cities, whether they're prospering economically or not. Oversupply is probably the major issue to be honest.

    One by one, the pubs are disappearing in Hampstead, a jewel-box village of cobbled lanes and Georgian homes that has become one of this city’s most fashionable neighborhoods. The Nags Head has become a realty office. The King of Bohemia is now a clothing shop. An apartment building has replaced The Hare and Hounds.New York Times

    Do you still frequent your Local or has it closed down? We go to our local occasionally, but in #London it's more common to go to a pub near your workplace with colleagues.

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